Patriots Training Camp Preview: Quarterbacks

Welcome to part one of our Patriots Training Camp preview that will feature an in-depth look at each position on the roster and what we’ll be looking for in training camp along with our expectations going into the season.

Another Patriots season is upon us, here we go!

The New England Patriots’ offense underwent changes and injuries in 2013. With multiple weapons in their second seasons with Tom Brady, as well as their two top running backs entering contract years, the Pats’ attack is primed be better in 2014. 

Tom Brady has gone through multiple phases of offense during his Patriots career. There was the efficiency years of 2001-2006, the Randy Moss years of 2007-2009, then the high-speed blitzkreig of 2010-2012 with Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Deion Branch and Wes Welker.

Now Brady enters the twilight of his career with two highly-drafted young quarterbacks behind him. Brady should have a few more sure-fire seasons left in him, but what can we expect to see out of Ryan Mallett and Jimmy Garoppolo?

Our training camp preview series kicks off with the quarterbacks.

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Tom Brady, New England Patriots


Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Summer Friday!


Tom Brady (QB) ranked 3rd on NFL’s Top 100 players of 2014.

Top 100 Players of 2014: Tom Brady

What better way to kickoff a Thursday that listening to TFB get some love from his fellow NFL players. It’s nice to hear people who actually play the game point out what makes Brady so good. You know, instead of, “he’s slipping because he wasn’t in the top 10 of some random stat” from the fanalysts.

As we’re just two weeks out from the opening of another training camp, it’s time to appreciate that we get to watch Brady play football for another season. It’s special and there won’t be many of these seasons left to enjoy it.

Tom Brady 2007 Highlights

Tom Brady - Superman

I was deep into this project when ESPN Insider published Sam Monson’s piece highlighting Brady’s diminished production while under pressure. Monson questioned Brady’s status as one of the top five QBs. Still, none of the people I spoke with thought Brady had slipped to a significant degree. Twenty-five of the 26 voters put him in the first tier. The lone exception, a pro personnel evaluator, saved his only Tier 1 vote for Peyton Manning. He was an unusually tough grader at the top, focused more intently than others on the 2013 season, when Manning performed at a historic level.

Of course the main point here? All these rankings mean absolutely nothing. Brady’s still good, but on any given play or game he might not have the best outcome. Or maybe he will. That’s why sports are fun. Having everything and everyone ranked in a nice little box takes the fun out of it.

NFL - Anonymous league insiders rank 32 starting quarterbacks into tiers - ESPN