Well this about sums it up…

Well this about sums it up…

Tom Brady - The Final Chapter

One of my all-time faves!


Throwback - Tom Brady @ Michigan 

We’re playing Green Bay on a Sunday night, and we were in no-huddle, and we’re going fast, and I called a bad play — I called a run play into a blitz," O’Brien said. "And in that moment, [Brady] changed the play, he changed the protection, he moved two receivers, he made the correct ‘Mike’ call for the protection, he signaled the receiver out to the left with what route to run, and he threw a touchdown pass to that guy. So he did about six things with about 10 seconds on the play clock to create a touchdown.

The Next Great Quarterback | NFL.com

Really good read with some good stuff from Bill O’Brien.

Tom Brady for Man of the World magazine [x].

Physically, I had the day off. But I got a lot of extra film in, and I got a lot of mental reps in walkthroughs and such. I’ll be ready to go Sunday.
There is always some uncertainty on opening day because they’€™ve been preparing for us a long time, we’€™ve been preparing for them a long time. Hopefully we’€™re doing a lot of things that they’€™re not working on this week, but that’€™s kind of the advantage of opening day. And vice versa, there’€™s an advantage for them. How that all evens out, we’€™ll see.
Goodness … better than 75 percent of the games he’s played, he’s won [his career record is 148-43]. There’s not been anybody else in the league since Otto Graham that can say that. He has a pretty high standard, as does [Bill] Belichick, as does Robert Kraft.