Willie McGinest, Christian Fauria, Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley talk New England’s dynasty (by Cathy Bridges)

Shane Vereen | New England Patriots Highlights | Shaner | HD (by ThePatriotWayMixes)

The Greatest Comeback In New England Patriots History » ᴴᴰ 1080p (by Y . K . I . H ♔)

I think the 2013 season is still sinking in for me. Hard to remember a more enjoyable regular season outside of 2007 and that’s including the dynasty years when they were winning the Super Bowls. The team had a handful of impossible wins and record-setting performances all on the back of a defense decimated by injuries and an offense filled with new faces. What a trip it was, and this game was the highlight.

Teams of the Decade: The 2000’s New England Patriots (by SureNews)

Rob Ninkovich | New England Patriots Highlights | The Jet Killer | HD (by ThePatriotWayMixes)

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Good way to wrap up a Monday…

Adversity - A tribute to the 2013 New England Patriots (by Max Avedisian)

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Sometimes, like on mornings like to today’s when my car wouldn’t start, you just a need a bunch of Tom Brady highlights.

Tom Brady Highlights - The Greatest QB Ever (by Ted Bosque)