Good way to wrap up a Monday…

Adversity - A tribute to the 2013 New England Patriots (by Max Avedisian)

New England Patriots - All Access - 2004 Super Bowl Edition (by TVclazzics)

Sometimes, like on mornings like to today’s when my car wouldn’t start, you just a need a bunch of Tom Brady highlights.

Tom Brady Highlights - The Greatest QB Ever (by Ted Bosque)

Brady, Belichick and Revis Built this City on Rock n’ Roll.

This video has left me speechless and I cannot stop watching it!! But yeah, it pretty much sums up how giddy I’m feeling about watching this trio together this year. Wow.

Sing It Kitty- Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Darrelle Revis (by Ken Dis-Chargeman)

Thanks to @614Patsfan for sending it to me… I think.

2013 Best of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (by Arav Shah)

Dont’a Hightower | New England Patriots Highlights | The New Leader | HD (by ThePatriotWayMixes)

Alfonzo Dennard | New England Patriots Highlights | Fonzie | HD (by ThePatriotWayMixes)

What a crazy year it was. One of favorites, it completely erased the boring 2012 season from my memory.

Tom Brady - Cinderella Man [HD] (by NFLcontent)