Simply put, Reed’s eyes move faster than his legs. At 35, Reed does not have the speed and functional mobility he had during the prime years of his career. Where this limitation shows up most is on downfield throws on which he needs to drift from his center field alignment to provide aid over the top to a cornerback.

Analysis: Could Ed Reed help the New England Patriots? - ESPN Boston

As I mentioned yesterday, it’s a long shot for Reed to end up in New England. Given his lack of range the only real place I could see him is at the third safety spot in the sub-packages.

This could work because it would only give him half the field to worry about and between him and McCourty covering deep it would be a pretty good tandem defending against Peyton next weekend. 

I get why Pats fans are clamoring for him, but we’re about three years too late for the real Ed Reed. Still, if the move was made, I think he could help in some ways.

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The Texans released Ed Reed, and while I’m not really sure how much he has left in the tank, I do know that BB has as big of a player crush on him as anyone he’s ever coached against. Just like I said this offseason, never rule it out when BB admires a player like that. Remember what Junior Seau supposedly had left in the tank? And they brought him back in 2009.

So with Gregory out a couple weeks the question is whether or not Reed is a better option than Duron Harmon at strong safety. Going against Peyton Manning in a couple weeks, I’d think Reed’s savvy might come in handy. We’ll see…

BB and TFB talk Ed Reed (by PatsPropaganda)

And on the first day that Ed Reed was a free agent Bill Belichick appeared outside his window…

Nice work from @ErikFrenz via @RumfordJohnny.

And on the first day that Ed Reed was a free agent Bill Belichick appeared outside his window…

Nice work from @ErikFrenz via @RumfordJohnny.

Brady and Belichick on Ed Reed

In this clip from Bill Belichick; A Football Life, Tom Brady and Belichick discuss just how awesome Ed Reed is. Why can’t this just be a weekly show?

Everything he does, he does at an exceptional level. He looks like he’s guessing more than he ever has. But boy, does he have a burst. He’s crouching down low back there, and playing really low. But he changes it up. I mean, it’s just so obvious when he’s reading the quarterback. Those receivers will run right past him, and he never flinches. He doesn’t even acknowledge them. He’s just reading the quarterback.

BB crushing on Ed Reed

The later scene where BB talks to Reed before the game was closely reminiscent of this:

Okay, I know this isn’t a Patriots video but Ed Reed’s Top 100 (#5) segment was my favorite non-Pats one and I felt the need to share. Especially after posting two previous not-so-inspiring videos from our own current safety.

Tom Brady likes to joke that Belichick would kidnap Ed Reed if he could, and he has that certain presence on the back end that the Patriots have never really had. Well, let’s be honest, no team has really ever had anyone as good as Reed. Rodney was close, but his presence was just as much about the running game as it was being a major factor that must be dealt with every time you want to pass the ball like Reed is.

But just because I’m a Patriots die hard doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate great players from other teams (even if it’s only to aspire to get them or someone similarly skilled in the blue, red and silver), just be glad I didn’t post Revis’ clip because that one was damn impressive too.

Favorite clip: the hit on the Colt at 4:50.