I’m on board with all of these…

1. Extend extra points: Move the line of scrimmage to the 25-yard line, which would make an extra point a 42- or 43-yard field goal, depending on the kicking unit’s spacial preference. Bill Belichick has often voiced his annoyance with how easy the extra point has become. Currently, the line of scrimmage is on the 2.

2. Raise goal posts: Extend the length of the goal posts by 5 feet. Remember, Vince Wilfork and the Patriots were heated during a 2012 regular-season loss to the Ravens, whose game-winning field goal appeared to cross directly over the goal post. The replacement officials determined the kick was not reviewable.

3. Add boundary cameras: Place fixed cameras on key boundary lines (end zone) for better views on instant replays.

4. Expand instant replay: Allow coaches to challenge all rulings except scoring plays, which are already automatically reviewable. As it stands, some random rules are not reviewable.


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YESSS! They’re back with more!!!

It’s AFC Championship Sunday!!!

Patriots Fans and Superstitions

Here’s some fun stats on superstitions from Bud Light, who surveyed 10,000 NFL fans with 50 questions.

Patriots fans are the 22nd most superstitious team in the league and more than one-third of Patriots fans wear the same article of clothing every game for the win. 

The top 5 most superstitious fan bases:

1.      Baltimore Ravens fans

2.      Arizona Cardinals fans

3.      New Orleans Saints fans

4.      Oakland Raiders fans

5.      Philadelphia Eagles fans

I used to be a somewhat superstitious fan, but the only thing now is that I wear the same hat for each game, one that I buy new for each season. 

Maybe the reason Pats fans aren’t that superstitious is that we usually win, so any accidental changes in game routine wouldn’t really seem to matter.

Here’s some more fun stuff…

Patriots Fan Stats:

  • Don’t ask me to move. More than one-third (35%) of Patriots fans sit in the same spot every game to boost team performance.
  • BFFs: Patriots fans rank second in the league (22%) for engaging in superstitious activities with their friends. Only Raiders fans are more friend-centric.
  • This old thing? More than one-third (35%) of Patriots fans wear the same article of clothing every game for the win.
  • Almost one-fourth of Patriots fans (24%) believe their superstitious activities affect the outcome of the game.
  • It’s not me, it’s you: Seventy-one percent of New England fans believe fellow Patriots are more superstitious than themselves.

 Patriots Fan Superstitions:

  • “I always eat the same snack during the game (sour cream and onion chips), and I only allow talking during the commercials.” – Female, Age 30-39
  • “I sit in ‘my’ spot on the couch at my folks’ house.” – Male, Age 21-29
  • “I don’t wash my Patriots jersey and wear it every time a game is on.” – Female, Age 21-29
  • “During playoffs, I always buy this seven layer dip from a local store, and whenever I eat it and watch the game they always win!” – Female, Age 21-29
  • “I have an old Patriots patch that I keep on a table next to my chair.” – Male, Age 70+

What about you guys? What are your superstitions?

For more complete details on the survey results, including team-by-team breakdowns, visitnewsroom.anheuser-busch.com/budlightnfl.  For more information on Bud Light’s NFL sponsorship throughout the season, visit BudLight.com or Facebook.com/BudLight.

NFL - REDEMPTION - PROMO (by CelticsPatriotsman)

NFL Training Camp: Patriots Reset

The Patriots are off today, and after five days of practice there have been some interesting developments. Coming in we knew this would be one of the most fascinating training camps for the Pats in recent memory, especially with the amount of turnover at the wide receiver position.

There’s always turnover in NFL football, but rarely does it involve so many high profile players, but the Patriots still look primed for another great season.

Here are the things that have caught our eye over the first week of practices for the 2013 Patriots.

1. The Rookie Receivers Look Legit: Undoubtedly the best news of training camp, Aaron Dobson, Josh Boyce and Kenbrell Thompkins have all stood out in camp and all look ready to contribute. It’s been a long time since there was a collection of young weapons at the receiver position to be this excited about. They might be inconsistent early, but if they can maintain the level they’re showing in camp, the Patriots offense should be just fine.

2. Jamie Collins Standing Out: Linebackers coach Pepper Johnson raved about Collins earlier this week, and it looks like his presence will be felt primarily by his pass coverage. This is an area the Pats really needed help in, and Collins’ freakish athleticism will be a welcome addition.

3. Not so fast on Armond Armstead: Prior to camp most had penciled in Armond Armstead into a defensive tackle rotation, primarily helping out the interior pass rush, but Armstead was a surprise addition to the PUP list, and this past week it was learned that he had to have surgery for an infection. This is a blow to the defensive tackle depth, and has thrust Marcus Forston and Joe Vellano to the forefront of the positional battle. The Pats have struggled to find a specialized interior pass rusher the last two seasons, and now, with no expected return date for Armstead, they’ll have to get creative once again.

4. Tavon Wilson Not Starting: The safety position was one area where we thought there’d be a three-way battle, but so far it’s just Steve Gregory and Adrian Wilson lining up next to Devon McCourty. Tavon Wilson looks like he’s headed for another season at the dime linebacker spot, but perhaps a year to learn from Adrian will serve him well.

5. Chandler Jones Making the Leap: One player we wanted to see dominance out of was Chandler Jones, and so far he has delivered and really stood out. In NFL Football you must have a force at defensive end who can make an impact on three downs, and Jones looks ready to be that guy.