Good notes throughout here. Really starting to wonder when we see Gronk back out there. Is it crazy to think he’s good to go Week 1? Welker was and had less recovery time by about a month. Still think he’ll be a bit limited but given the current depth, they really do need the Gronk. And will he still be wearing that silly arm brace? I really hope not.

Rob Gronkowski ACL Update

Good news on the Gronk front, though we’ve kind of come to expect that with ACL injuries. Gronk was hurt a month before Welker was in 2009 and he still made it back for the start of 2010. Granted he needed a full year to be back to 100% but it seems possible that Gronk could be ready for the opener.

New post up at SportsBlog, taking a closer look at what’s on the line for Gronk this season.

Rob Gronkowski (Record Setting Season) (by NEPatriotsNFL)

Chandler Jones Instagram: Gronk at Gillette Today

I love these guys so much, can’t wait to see old 87 back on the field!!

Triple H meets Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski (by Rick Capone)

"I’m on track to be back for sure…"

Music to my ears, Gronk.

Is it crazy to anyone else how Gronk a) towers over Triple H, b) seems nervous about meeting Triple H and c) what a boss Triple H is?

H/T to @PatriotsSB49 for the find.