(Low)lights: Patriots vs. Panthers 2013

This was a great game despite the results (i.e. the controversial finish). I try not to complain about losing a game on a non-call but this one was pretty blatant, as much as I love Kuechly as a player.

Should be a great test for the Pats tonight! But of course, most importantly, NO INJURIES!!!

New Patriots Pump-up Video mixes continue to pop up! I’m certainly not complaining, we’re just 17 days from the return of Pats football!!

Oh my damn, @CelticsPatriotsman is back at it with a new video!

NFL Films: 2013 New England Patriots Yearbook

Always a yearly must-watch. You know, if the NFL really wanted to make money, which of course is about all they want to do, they should package these yearbooks in DVD sets.

They’ve gotten it down to science - they can make a 1-15 team seem like they had one of the best years in the NFL, or maybe I’ve just been watching Patriots yearbooks for too long.

2014 New England Patriots Pump Up

Now this is how you start off a Monday! Thanks to @PatriotsSB49 for the find!

Ty Law goes into the Pats Hall of Fame today!

Ty Law ► New England Patriots Greatest Players ᴴᴰ » (1995-2004)

Wednesday Night #Patriots Video!

Best of the 2013 Patriots Rookie Class

Willie McGinest - Remain Raw - Highlights

Always love a throwback Pats highlight film like this one.

Top 100 Players of 2014: Tom Brady

What better way to kickoff a Thursday that listening to TFB get some love from his fellow NFL players. It’s nice to hear people who actually play the game point out what makes Brady so good. You know, instead of, “he’s slipping because he wasn’t in the top 10 of some random stat” from the fanalysts.

As we’re just two weeks out from the opening of another training camp, it’s time to appreciate that we get to watch Brady play football for another season. It’s special and there won’t be many of these seasons left to enjoy it.